Change the Trajectory of Your Life Once and For All

Finally...a Step-by-Step System for Truly Breaking Bad Habits and Installing Good Habits Whenever YOU Want

When I realized that controlling habit change was the key to success in any area of life, I got real excited.


Habits can lead you to any thing you dream of...or your worse nightmares.


Many people go through life with habits as their masters. But you do have the CHOICE to make habit your slave. To serve you however you best see fit.


And it's not as hard as you might think. It doesn't take unstoppable willpower. It doesn't take Navy Seal level discipline. Done properly, it's much easier than that.


I can't promise there is zero effort involved...but with the right process it can be about 90% easier. Does that sound good?


If so, keep on reading to learn about the Habits On Demand method you can get complete access to...

The way the course was put together, all the different ways of dismantling a habit, the rationale behind what we were doing and the layering of multiple techniques make it nearly impossible to fail. I had a number of external challenges along the way but the habit audit meant I was clear that I did want this new habit and why. The work on cues, responses, sigils etc really helped keep it front of mind even in the middle of distractions like a death in the family, mine and other people's ill health, a new role at work, two kids under five etc. I also started to learn the mechanics of habit creation and can see how the process will flow more each time I use it. This is a fantastic course if you are willing to put a bit of consistent work in to change your life. Thank you Logan, might be your best work yet.

Joel (Beta Tester)

What are your excuses for not doing the habits you say you want to do?

Did you catch all that?

  • Death in the family
  • Sickness in the family
  • Personally being ill
  • Added work duties
  • Two kids under five

But it’s not really your fault if you don’t have a SYSTEM for habit change like I’ve created. As Joel says “the layering of multiple techniques make it nearly impossible to fail.”


There’s a reason it takes time to teach the whole system. There is a LOT going on. But it is in the combination of things that the real magic happens.


There’s a reason willpower isn’t really needed, once you layer in all these parts.


Habits On Demand 6 Module Master Class

Each module is between 46-97 minutes of recorded video on the topic, broken up into easy to digest chunks.


This is then drilled down into your specific action items (mostly using at most five page worksheets) so that you transform a habit as you go through the course.


Choosing Your High-Leverage Habits

  • What is the difference between Habits vs. Routines?
    The 4 Part Structure of a Habit
    Outcome Goals vs Process Goals and how Habits play into this

  • Steps to Conducting a Complete Habit Audit
    Basic and Advanced Habit Audit Worksheets to Speed up the Process
    What are Deep Habits? (Imagine rewiring language, thoughts and feelings too!)

  • One Question to Find Habit Blind Spots
    The 4 Categories of Timing for Habits (FUT, NET, Minor and Major)
    Easy vs Hard Habits and the Concept of Gateway Habits

  • Momentum begets Momentum (or How to Scale Habits)
    The Critical Habit Chain Concept
    More on Replacing Habits

  • Tons of High Leverage Habit Examples
    How to Pick a High Impact, Low Effort Habit to Work With


Motivations and Values (so you don’t need Willpower!)

  • Understanding how two parts of habits are Internal States and Value-Driven
    Building Reinforcing Loops in Your Life for Greater Habits and Rewards
    Understanding Internal vs. External Motivation

  • Understanding Towards vs. Away From Motivation (aka Positive vs. Negative)
    Need Accountability? It’s built into the course!
    The Two Most Misunderstood (or False) parts of Maslow’s Hierarchy 

  • How to Tap into the Highest and Most Powerful Values Possible
    The Value Framing Exercise
    Habit Identity Statements

  • How to do Habit Challenges (and the Big Pitfall to be careful of!)
    Should I use external rewards or punishments to motivate me? The answer might surprise you

  • Critical Understanding of Instant vs. Delayed Gratification
    Need more motivation? How to Build up Visions of Habit Heaven and Habit Hell!


Clarifying Your Habit Success Plan

  • How to use the 4-Part Habit Model to Identify Weaknesses and Change Them Before they Ever Affect You
    4 Methods of Applying the Seinfeld Strategy (The Calendar is one method)

  • 2 Alternative Types of Tracking (Bizarro Seinfeld and X in Y), plus the Helpful Meta-Habit!
    How to Use Habit Chains to Make Not-Fun Habits More Rewarding
    Symbolizing Your Habit (aka Habit Magic!)

  • How to Optimize Your Environment for Habit Success. Building Hurdles and Grooved Pathways so Your Habit Becomes Impossible or Inevitable
    What a Popcorn Bucket has to do with Your Bad Habits

  • The “What-the-Hell” Effect, Downgrading, Loopholes, Rationalizations and More Implementation Questions
    The Written Implementation Intention Worksheets
    Building a Habit Cue that Instantly Triggers All Your Values causing a Craving to do a Habit!


The New Habit Generator, Bad Habit Breaker & Craving Killer Drills

  • “Nerves that fire together, wire together” - How to collapse EVERYTHING together so that the Habit is Installed and on Autopilot in a Single Day (Guided Visualization MP3)

    Building a Habit Cue that Instantly Triggers All Your Values causing a Craving!

  • How to Make Habits Automatically Pop into Your Mind (Great for things that are hard to remember to do!)
    How to Amp up your Nervous System to take it Beyond Real

  • The Overkill Principle

    Making Habit Change a Habit (like with the 6 Habits in 6 Weeks Challenge) with Meta-Tracking, Meta-Values and More

  • For work with Bad Habits:
    The Bad Habit Breaker aka Clockwork Orange Therapy (Guided Visualization MP3)
    The Craving Killer (Follow Along Video)


Troubleshooting Habit Change

  • Slipping up? Troubleshooting the 4-Part Habit Model for Good Habits
    Slipping up? Troubleshooting the 4-Part Habit Model for Bad Habits
    Understanding Ideal Time of Day

  • Abstinence vs. Temperance (All or Nothing vs. Moderation)
    More Personality Typing to Further Improve Habit Change (and What WON’T Work for You)

  • The Use of Saturation Point
    How to Procrastinate on Procrastination

    How to Change a Belief with the Belief Chain

  • The Belief Audit - Don’t let any of these common limiting beliefs stand in your way

    Got Self-Sabotage? Find out how to integrate Conflicting Parts


Addictions and Flow Habits

  • What is the difference between a Habit and an Addiction?
    Exogenous vs Endogenous Chemicals

  • Hidden Habits: What do you hide from other people?
    Negative Addictions to Be Aware Of

  • How Stress Coping is Tied into Habits
    How I Conquered My Two Worse, Addictive Habits!

  • From Smoking Crack to Legendary Runner - Why “I Am an Addict” can be a GOOD thing!
    What are Flow Habits? And How to setup Flow Habits so that you can step in and out of flow at will!

How Much Would it Be Worth To You to Transform Your Habits At Will?

If you could wave a magic wand and change any habit you choose instantly and effortlessly?

If you had as a Habit ALL of those things you’d like to have as a Habit?

If you were able to break ALL of your bad habits?

Maybe not all, but what about just 3 to 5 high impact habit changes? What would that do for your life.


The regular price of the Habits On Demand Master Class is $500.


But since this is the first time, a beta-test where I'm asking for your feedback, today you can signup for only $300.


Once you're signed up you'll have complete access inside the membership portal that looks like this...

Habits On Demand
6 Module
Master Class

one time charge

  • 6 Module Video Course

  • Worksheets and MP3s

  • Includes 4 Bonus Modules

  • Includes Follow-Up Accountability System

But That's Not All...Included are these Valuable Bonuses


Bonus Module:

Learning Habits

  • How to speed up video (including this course) to learn it all at 1.5X to 3X speed while retaining more, not less.

  • Sensory Channels of Learning - What’s your strongest? What’s your weakest?

  • All the details of how I read 111 book in 2019

  • Learning Habits Worksheet


Bonus Module:

Financial Habits

  • Savings and Investing Habits

  • Income and Expense Habits

  • Financial Support Habits

  • Financial Habits Worksheet and The Money System That Nevers Fails eBook


Bonus Module:

Sleeping Habits

  • Environment Setup, Data, Feedback and Timing

  • Daytime Habits for Sleep Support

  • Pre-Sleep and In-Bed Habits and Routines

  • The Highest Leverage Sleep Habits plus Sleep Habits Worksheet


Bonus Module:

Micro vs Macro Habits vs Qualities

  • Find out how this distinction is immensely useful

  • Plus “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey's Famous Book distilled down...AKA How to Reshape Your Character

  • The 7 Qualities Worksheet


Bonus: Email Accountability System

  • Accountability is a Powerful Tactic. Here's an easy way to have me act as your accountability partner!

  • Default Weekly Checkup...but customizable to best suit your habit

Guaranteed Habit Change!

  • If you do not make significant progress on changing your habit then you don’t pay a thing!

$100 Rebate for Testimonial or Case Study

  • Not only will you change a habit but you'll get $100 off any purchase when you share your usable testimonial or case study to be used for future marketing purposes

Habits On Demand
6 Module
Master Class

one time charge

  • 6 Module Video Course

  • Worksheets and MP3s

  • Includes 4 Bonus Modules

  • Includes Follow-Up Accountability System

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