​Install New Good Habits and Break Bad Habits with Surprising Speed and Ease (in as Little as One Day!) without Willpower

Finally, the End of Habit Struggles...

Free Video Series

  1. The Habits Mindset (Plus the Magic Question!)
  2. The Two Most Powerful Methods of Shortcutting Habit Change
  3. The Willpower Trap that Everyone Falls Into! 

    (and How to Properly Use Willpower Instead)

  4. The Systems Approach to Habit Change

Chris Hay

I have been at my creative habit every week day now for one month exactly! The tools and strategies I learned from you have been instrumental. Thanks so much as this will be a truly life changing habit for me in the long run. 

Paul L.

Helped me make very deep changes. I’ve integrated many new beliefs, paradigms and life strategies so I can now be more independent and add habits easily into my life.

Allyssa Jensen

My morning routine is going great! No missed days so far. Getting a lot done in the mornings. 

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